One of the main aims of Toxotis, other than education, is to offer entertainment and relaxation to people with mental disabilities, therefore a part of the activities is chosen by its members.

Our activities include:

  • Social Skills
  • Wellness and Fitness: We encourage our members to exercise and be active in general. It is essential for people with mental disabilities to be involved with sports because exercise has a positive effect on their mental health. Their levels of competence and functionality increase, thus the feeling of self-confidence increases and they feel more active and valuable members of the society.
  • Photography: It develops artistic expression and improves perception of visual elements.
  • Arts and Hand-Made Crafts: Through these activities our members develop skills such as fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination and expression of emotions and creativity.
  • Educational games: Games such as puzzles, UNO and other board games provide entertainment as well as development of creative thinking and organizational skills. These games help members deal with different situations, build teamwork and enhance cooperation, interaction and social skills.
  • Money Management: Through this activity our members are able to perceive the value of money and they are able to independently make purchases. They know the price of the product they buy and whether to expect change and how much.
  • Drama and Dance: Through the art of theater and dance, role playing and choreographies, people with mental disabilities are able to express their feelings, coordinate movements, improve their memory, come in contact with their bodies, and work with others people to achieve common and individual goals. Through collaboration with volunteers and the presentation of theatrical and dance shows to the general public, our members create social relationships and boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Outings in Town: Cinema, Coffee shops, shopping malls, etc.
  • Recreational and Educational Visits
  • Scheduled Excursions
  • Fine Motor Skills (dexterity)
  • Environmental Awareness Cultivation