The Foundation

The name “Toxotis” means archer in Greek which portrays our clear aim..

Toxotis Charitable Foundation was established by parents of young persons with special needs together with professionals that have many years of experience of educating and dealing with such young persons.

We have created programmes that aim to help each individual to enrich their lives by using methodology which is appropriate for each of them.


Our Vision

By being a member of “Toxotis”, individuals with learning disabilities will surpass their current limits, reach their full personal potential, and dispel the stereotypical image of people with special needs.

Our Goals

– Independence and induction of people with special needs to the community. We encourage social interaction with society members, other than just the family members.

– Empower individuals with special needs to adopt a healthier lifestyle and participate in their community as active members.

– Increase awareness in the community of people with special needs.

– Provide equal opportunities for independence, socialization and expression.

– Provide support to the families of individuals with learning disabilities.

Company Information

Toxotis Charitable Foundation is a company limited by guarantee. It was recognised by the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism as a charitable foundation and has been permitted to remove the word “limited” from its name.

Toxotis was also approved by the Ministry of Finance as a charitable foundation meaning that all donations made by physical or legal person can be claimed against their Cyprus tax liability. A list of approved charitable foundations can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of Finance at

About us

Board Members

Ioannis Demetriades FCCA TEP
Chartered accountant

Janet Demetriadou
Director of a consultancy firm

Demetra Demetriadou LLB, ACA, BFP
Tax & Legal Director of an accountancy/audit firm.

Maria Pifani
Teacher of primary education

Elena Papandreou, LLB TEP
Lawyer, Managing Director of a Law Firm

All board members offer their services to the foundation free of charge.